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"I make - therefore I am"


CERAMICSANDWOOD is a maker of Danish handmade objects with the materials in the focus.


Wood and clay with experimental glazes are the primary materials. These are connected to conceptual pieces where aesthetics play a big role. It is an exploration of the field within art, design and craft. All pieces are one-of-a-kind objects made by hand with time an care, and the concept in mind

The importance of details and uniqueness of the single object is underlined and not two pieces are the same


"Function vs. non-function interests me. A little twist in the shape of a spoon can change the whole idea of the thing. By changing the shape, you can change the concept and by that, you're creating an idea about the piece that says something about how we perceive things. Humans perception of things are very interesting."


- Tinne Maria Andersen, CERAMICSANDWOOD



"Each object is made by hand and head. Each piece is a product made from a collaboration between thinking and moving by the head and the hand. Therefore it is the uniqueness of each piece that shapes the form of sculptural functional products


I am interested in combinations of materials and the way human beings interact with objects within everyday life. Something special happens when one material meet another material, a tension of dynamics occur. I collect materials from my homeland, things I find along the way and mix them into the clay. Minerals from the ground, such as sand, metal or bone.


Ceramic objects are usually centered around the dining table, in kitchenware and in the form of sculptural art. My curiosity to break boundaries of what ceramics is or is able to be, often results in experiments where the material decides the process.


I am interested in human needs, both for function and aesthetics. Both have their role and place when I develop new pieces. By placing sculptural ceramics in a new framework, often functional objects in the form of furniture, I experience a satisfaction in breaking with the perception of what ceramics is.